Many people know Myrtle Beach for their golf courses and beautiful beaches, putting tourism as an obvious booming industry in the region. Though tourism brings in millions of dollars each year, I wanted to find out more about the industries that prop up the Myrtle Beach and southeast South Carolina economy.

According to the Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development website, the following are key industries in Horry County:

  • Aerospace
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Healthcare

To better learn about the role that each of these industries plays in the community, I took a more in-depth look at the varied ways that these businesses manifest in Myrtle Beach and the surrounding areas. Launching a career in Myrtle Beach is within reach for many people living in the area.

According to information found on the Law Office of William J. Luce website, South Carolina has laws in place to protect employee’s rights should they experience undue discrimination or pay violations. These protections are also important in ensuring that workers thrive.


In the last decade, the aerospace engineering industry has grown by 600% in Myrtle Beach. The International Technology and Aerospace Park (ITAP) is located near Myrtle Beach, which makes the region hugely popular for aerospace companies. It has a runway of over 9,500 feet.

Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics, Zephyr International, Chippewa Aerospace, Kingman Airline Services, and Executive Helijet are all companies that operate out of ITAP. These companies provide hundreds of jobs to residents in the region and feed millions of dollars back into the southeast South Carolina community.


There are over 35 manufacturing companies in Horry County, employing more than 3,500 workers. It’s estimated that by 2020 around 1,500 more people will be hired. These manufacturing jobs offer decent pay for trade school graduates and engineers alike, keeping workers and their families financially stable.

For students in Horry County, there are plenty of educational opportunities for those looking to ultimately work in the manufacturing business. With three universities and a variety of trade schools teaching in welding, robotics, and engineering.


Hubs like Silicon Valley are known for their abundant tech startup scene. So it may surprise some to know that Horry County has many opportunities for students and prospective employees hoping to work in the technology field. StartupSC is one such place that connects people within the industry. The space is meant to help them foster connections, seek advice, and collaborate with other tech enthusiasts in Horry County.


Horry County is home to numerous hospitals and healthcare hubs. In the last decade, the industry has only grown as nearby universities and programs provide excellent educational resources for those looking to pursue a career in the healthcare industry. Additionally, the presence of quality hospitals in the region provides excellent access to care for residents and tourists alike.

The following are some of the facilities in the region:

  • Tidelands Health
  • McLeod Seacoast Hospital
  • McLeod Loris Hospital
  • Conway Medical
  • Grand Strand Health

Each facility boasts different specialties and address patients with varying needs from orthopedics, cardiac care, palliative care, neurosurgery and beyond.